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About Us

Entertainment Games Services

As a studio we work on both our own games as well as projects for clients, including porting games for modern consoles and game development services. 

Let us help you update your old title or bring your project to life.

A young man on the back of a bike in an arcade machine.

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About Us

Educational Services

We have worked with several academic institutions and companies over the years to craft a succession of quality educational products. Over the years we have done it all, from crafting curriculum, to running a multi-day game development conference and on to creating fun and educational games. 

Games are a fantastic tool to help excite learners of all ages, and we can help you make that a reality. See some of our related projects below. 

A young student sitting at a desk programming a game.

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About Us

Art Installation Services

Super Soul has a long history of art installation projects, from presenting works at international events as well as running local shows focused on installation art in partnership with organizations like LexArts and the Living Arts and Science Center. 

In addition we have offered services related to demonstrating interactive art installations and virtual reality exhibitions. 

A collection of balloons, lit by LEDs, pinned to the ceiling.

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