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hazard ridge

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Students and educators agree – Hazard Ridge is the most fun and effective way to learn about farm safety! This interactive 3D video game teaches teens preventative safety measures and how to navigate challenges in real time. Developed by a research team of University educators and game developers, Hazard Ridge is easily incorporated into existing agricultural education, agricultural economics, economics, and social studies curricula. 

Main character Elise navigates the mysterious landscape of Hazard Ridge, a rural community where teens are disappearing and the town is going bankrupt, and investigates how agricultural injury is contributing to the town’s downfall. The game’s interactive farm safety simulations come to life thanks to a new 3D immersion format.



Hazard Ridge was developed by Super Soul and by University of Kentucky’s Dr. Joan Mazur. Research for Hazard Ridge was funded by the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) through Cooperative Agreement NO 2U54OH007547-11. 




An ambulance lit by red with a cop car and a few other figures. the Text reads "I don't know how and I don't know why. But this elevator is trying to tell me something. What exactly happened here? Who is this kid named Brad?"
In a 3D rendering, a white wall and doorway is marked with the sign "records room"
An elevator looking out over an ornate room. The elevator is lit red from the inside.
A newspaper clipping with large text that reads "Hazard High Football Season cancelled"