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Super Soul is a small studio out of Lexington, KY. We specialize in video game development, virtual reality, augmented reality, and educational services. We are a for-hire studio.

Since the founding of Super Soul a decade ago, we have created an environment of fun and play through innovative installation games, unique games, and helping to cultivate game development throughout the Bluegrass. 

We are thought leaders for game development in Kentucky, and whether you’re looking for a good game, a project that needs porting to modern consoles, or a useful internship you should talk to us.



Nominee for Open Source

Gold Prize for Daydream Blue

Official Selection for Compromised

Bronze Medal for Hazard Ridge

Official Selection for Deluxe Turbo Racing 360

In the News



two men, standing in front of a pedestal, pointing towards a monitor with a mouse on the page.
A man and woman play a game, their faces intense, at a fancy dress party.
A young man on the back of a bike in an arcade machine.
A well lit gallery, shot from the side to see two people playing on a controller.
On a table in a conference center, two teenage boys played with a television mounted behind a table.


John Meister

Studio Director

John Meister is a programmer, game designer and founder of Super Soul. He is on the curriculum advisory board for KCTCS, University of Kentucky, and Eastern Kentucky University. He has worked for over decade on projects throughout the industry.

Zachary Hunt


Having graduated from SCAD in 2015, Zach is a freelance 2D artist working on a variety of game and non-game related projects. He enjoys film, games, walking and when the eggs in ramen are not overcooked.

Shea Rembold


A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Shea Rembold is a talented programmer and developer. His work on his personal projects has been nominated for an IGF Award for alternative controls design.

Amanda Hudgins

Contract Writer

Amanda Hudgins is a game developer and designer, whose work has been exhibited internationally at various events as well as at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Amanda is on the Advisory Board for the KCTCS system.

Jenni Adams


Jenni Adams, an award-winning artist and art educator with over 20 years experience, has transitioned her creative talents into game development. At Super Soul, she manages multiple artistic tasks like animation, 3D modeling, 2D asset creation, UI and level design.

Contact Information

Studio director, John Meister

265 Regency Cir Suite D

Lexington, KY 40503